Dusk Explorers

A Book Review of "Dusk Explorers" an ode to the evenings of summer! Full of summer activities, like catching fireflies and climbing trees. Bonus: 3 crafts to go with the book!

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Where is it celebrated? It is celebrated worldwide. Where does it originate? It is thought that birthdays were first celebrated by Egyptian pharaohs. It wasn’t until the Romans started honoring…

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This Year’s Curriculum

After many requests, I have finally put together a list of the main curriculums and resources we will be using for the coming year! Our grades tend to blend together…

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A Kids Book About Cancer

“Because things are less scary when we understand them better.” A Kids Book About Cancer uses this motto and creates a valuable resource for any child impacted by cancer.

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Interview with Sara from Bookoholic Mom

It’s not enough to just read diverse books - you need to have open and honest communication with your kids about these issues. And, don’t only read books about the oppression of BIPOC, kids need to read books about kids that don’t look like them doing everyday fun and silly things too.

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Lulu the One and Only

As a mother of biracial children, this book hit a cord. Lulu [...] has a white father and a black mother. Her parents are constantly asked if they are the nanny or babysitter, or if their children are adopted. Lulu, herself, is asked to explain her racial identity with the question, “What are you?”

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