Bead Spider

Make your own pet spider!

All about spiders!

  • Spiders are part of the group Arachnids.
  • They have 8 legs, 2 body parts (the cephalothorax and the abdomen), and fangs.
  • The majority of spiders have 8 eyes.
  • They live on every continent except Antarctica, and can live on land or in water.
  • They primarily eat insects and other spiders; making them carnivores.
  • There is a wide variety of ways they catch their food, including; jumping on them, catching them in their web, or spitting a sticky glue-like substance at them.
  • Spider webs: Some species of spiders produce silk which they use to make webs.  It is produced by organs in their abdomen called spinnerets. Webs are built for catching food, shelter, or for protection. Spiders also spin different types of webs including: orb, funnel, and triangle, cob, sheet, to name a few.  Their webs are made to function for the type of food they are trying to catch.

How to do:


  • 4 pipe cleaners (2 black and 2 orange)

  • Black elastic string

  • Craft stick

  • 56 pony beads (16 black, 16 orange, 16 white, and 8 silver (optional)

  1. Twist the pipe cleaners into the shape of a spider (as shown in the picture)

  2. Add 7 beads to each leg.  Make a pattern with the beads.

  3. Tie a string with one end connecting to the pipe cleaners and the other end around the craft stick.

  4. Take your spider for a walk!

Book Recommendation

“Monster Trouble” by Lane Fredrickson is not exactly about spiders, but about another creature with multiple legs and eyes, monsters!  This is a cute tale of how a young girl gets the neighborhood monsters that visit her at night to leave her alone. It is perfect for young children and takes the scare out of monsters.

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