so you want to be an owl book

So You Want to Be an Owl

If your child wants to know anything about owls this is the book to get. So You Want to Be an Owl takes the reader through nine lessons at Owl School all taught by the illustrious Professor Olaf Owl. This fun book gives you the ins and outs of being an owl and why you might not be cut out for the job! Don’t let the whimsical illustrations and witty banter fool you. It is packed full of information. We learn about the different types of owls, their adaptations, what they eat, and everything in between. What takes this book to the next level is the comical jokes littered throughout. My children even laughed out loud as we read it! I would trade in my generic nonfiction fact book about owls for this one any day.

owl craft

To pair with the book we made our own owl craft!

Author: Jane Porter, illustrator

Illustrator: maddie frost – JELLY (

Publisher: Candlewick Press – Welcome

I was kindly given this book for my honest review but all opinions are my own.

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