Helping Parents Teach Inclusivity

What are your biggest obstacles in regards to teaching inclusivity to your children?
Lack of resources?
Lack of knowledge?
Lack of support?

This year we are learning words like racism, privilege, and white fragility.  Are these words meaningless to you? Then this isn’t for you. This is for those of us with white privilege, that want to create action within our own family, and raise our children to do the same.

This is a curriculum for elementary aged children and their parents.  It is more than teaching inclusivity. It is teaching history, big words and hard topics, how to respond in different environments, and common problems and things you will encounter along the way.  This is not a course to be finished in one sitting, but a life-long guide to raising activists and developing an inclusive mindset yourself. 

The curriculum is in its testing phase, and given to you free as it is being developed.  Sign up here to be a product creator. 

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