Resources and questions to open the conversation with our kids about stereotypes.


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Stereotype: a common belief about a group of people that is believed to apply to everyone in that group

For kids:

*The second video is for older children. As always pre-screen before sharing with your children.

Stereotypes Lesson for Kids: Definition & Examples – Video & Lesson Transcript |

Boys and Girls on Stereotypes – YouTube

Why Do You Think Stereotypes Are True? | Decoded | MTV News – YouTube

For adults:

How to Talk To Children About Stereotypes – TeacherVision

Talking to kids about gender stereotypes | MediaSmarts


Raising A Legacy Bookshop under Stereotypes

Gift Shop | Little Feminist

Jaime is Jaime | Raising A Legacy

  1. What are some things that you think these types of groups have in common: girls, athletes, firefighters? Describe things that you think they would wear, like to do, eat, etc.
  2. Using the answers to the previous question can you find anyone that is different than what you describe.
  3. What are some things that people think you like to do based on your identity? (More on teaching identity here: Identity | Raising A Legacy)
  4. Watch a couple of commercials from each of the videos below. 
  • How do they portray girls versus boys? 
  • What stereotypes do you observe? 
  • What type of person is each toy being marketed to? Are these the only types of people that like the specific toy?
  • How can this be harmful?

Coolest Toys 2020 Every Kid – You Will Be Really Amazed – Available On Amazon – YouTube

Best Toys ???? Club Petz Betzy ???? Best Toys Commercials – YouTube

  1. Watch the following commercial. How is this different than the other ones? Touching Halloween PSA Brings Awareness To Gender Stereotypes In Children – YouTube
  2. What ways can you stand up against stereotypes?


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