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Islam is a monotheistic religion, meaning belief in one God.  It is the second most celebrated religion in the world.

Origins and Beliefs

Islam originated in Mecca, which is in present-day Saudi Arabia.  Islam means “submission to the will of God,” and is followed by Muslims.  They believe that the word of Allah was given to the Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel.  These revelations were written down and form the Quran.  Muhammad spent his life spreading the word of Allah.  

Symbols and Traditions

  • Common symbols include the moon and crescent
  • Mosque: place of worship
  • Muslims follow a lunar calendar
  • Quran: holy book; the word of Allah spoken to the Prophet Muhammad
  • 5 Pillars:
    • Shahada: a declaration of faith in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad as the final Prophet
    • Salat: daily prayer 5 times a day
    • Zakat: to give to charity
    • Sawn: fasting for Ramadan
    • Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca that is obligatory at least one time in one’s life if you have the wealth and health to do so

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