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  • Crafts and activities geared towards ages 3-6 covering all the major subjects.
  • Materials and supplies for each craft and activity excluding common household items (i.e. glue, scissors)
  • KID PROOF Instructional guide
    • We include the Common Core Standards, National Science Education Standards, and National Core Arts Standards that are used for each activity.
  • Origins and Traditions, providing information about the holiday and how it is celebrated.
  • Additional learning ideas for each activity

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2 reviews for Halloween Box

  1. Anna

    We LOVE this kit and can’t say enough good things about it!

    As soon as you open the kit, it looks beautiful and amazing and like a TON of work to put together!!

    The 20 activities are great! You can’t get through them all within a day, which is FANTASTIC! You could stretch the kit out and do 1/day, or you can do a few in a day, they all work really well together and have amazing questions/activities associated with each craft!

    Lots of ways to expand on each activity and add things in as well! And great for this age group or even beyond!

    The instructions are laminated so you can write/re-write all over them and your kiddo can practice writing, OR you can write everything! It allows you to adjust the activity to your child’s ability level, too! Can the cut shapes out really well? Great! Let them do it! Can’t roll the cone shape, do it for them and they can still decorate it to their hearts’ content!

    Almost all of the materials are included or things you already have, the only thing I had to buy was a small Pumpkin! (But I’m using it for 3 of the activities! (Pumpkin seeds, baking, and an awesome exploration handout!) (And re-using the witches hat for boiling the seeds/baking)

    Niki has done an AMAZING and super thorough job with this kit and I am definitely going to get the next one from her as well!

  2. Joelle

    Highly recommend the boxes from raising a legacy. Completed this box with my 3 year old son who absolutely loves everything Halloween. Who knew counting spiders could be so fun? I could see his fine motor skills at work making his “walking spider” with beads, to the awe in his eye when he asks me to make the “witches potion “over and over again. Each day he would say “what craft are we doing today “? So easy, as a parent, to not have to worry about coming up with something. It’s all included in a box (minus the glue, scissors, and a pumpkin).. I also loved that included in the box was recipe ideas, and traditions/history included about the holiday. So much fun.

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