Women's History Legacy Box

Women’s History Month Legacy Box

Packed with information about inspirational women.

Sibling Box: extra set of supplies for one additional child.




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Women’s History Educational Craft Box

One box – Hours of fun and learning!

Diving into history and learning about amazing inspirational people that played important roles in women’s history!

Each Legacy box comes packed with materials and supplies for each craft so you don’t have to leave the house and can just dive right in! This season’s box comes jammed packed with information and activities to learn about inspirational women throughout our history. Each option also includes the educational standards that each craft focuses on so you as a parent can know exactly what skills your child is practicing while they create and play.

Included in each Legacy Box:

  • Crafts and activities geared towards ages 3-6 covering all the major subjects.
  • Materials and supplies for each craft and activity excluding common household items (i.e. glue, scissors)
  • KID PROOF Instructional guide
    • We include the Common Core Standards, National Science Education Standards, and National Core Arts Standards that are used for each activity.
  • Origins and Traditions, providing information about the holiday and how it is celebrated.
  • Additional learning ideas for each activity

Additional information

Women's History Box

Legacy Box, Sibling Box


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