Legacy Curriculum

Raising A Legacy is a curriculum designed to help start conversations in families and encourage children to think critically about history, culture, and religion. We work with many people who celebrate each holiday to make sure the information provided is accurate, and represented appropriately and respectfully. 

We also offer the holidays not personally celebrated for free and include other resources by marginalized groups for each. By doing this, the hope is to raise awareness and empower those who do not have our privilege. We are aware that there is a fine line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Our goal is for you to use this as an educational resource, but also be mindful of those that do celebrate each holiday.

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When our second legacy box arrived, my daughter instantly recognized it and was ecstatic. She loves it. The box includes thoughtfully planned activities and crafts, all very creatively using a variety of supplies. It would take me hours to plan and shop for these activities! So thankful for Legacy Box for providing meaningful, fun activities to do with my daughter.
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Last December, my then 2 1/2 year old boy received the Christmas box in the mail. It contained enough craft supplies/activities for us to do one each day of the month. Each morning he would say what are we doing from the box today? It was fun for us both. I knew I was covered with an activity each day so it took away some of the stress of what are we going to do today. One of the activities, included measuring ribbons with a ruler. I didn’t think much of it, but still to this...
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We received our first Raising a Legacy craft box and our daughter was beside her self - as was I. Being a full time working mom I forever have the mom guilt of not being able to put thought into these sorts of activities. By the time I find an activity, plan when I can get the supplies, go buy the supplies, come home and organize the activity I’m exhausted. Our expectations were far surpassed and we will recommend this over and over.
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We loved our kit and all of the great activities in it!! My son was SO excited for each one and doing them together without having to plan anything myself was perfection. 🤗