Indoor Fun Preschool Activity Book

This is the third book by Kailan and very much in line with the other two. She once again shares her simple yet brilliant ideas for keeping your child engaged while encouraging play. I love how the activities included are based on the same ideas she used for her children when they were young. It shows how passionate she is about the importance of promoting screen-free activities for all kids. This book is packed with ideas for your preschool-aged children to do indoors. Each activity tells you exactly what to do, materials needed, how long it will take, messiness level, what skills you’re working on, and extra tips. All the ideas are easy to set up and don’t require lots of extra supplies. I also love how they are open-ended and invite your children to explore and imagine. If you are looking for ideas that can be done inside and don’t involve a screen this is it. 

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Author: Kailan (Quiet Book Queen & Crafts in Between | Quiet Book Queen & Crafts in Between) is a leader in screen-free advice and education for parents. She regularly shares her expert knowledge on her social media accounts and website. Kailan is also the creator of Quiet Book Queen & Crafts in Between and the author of multiple books. See her other books here! 

(link to science book and ocean animals book)

Publisher: Callisto Media

I was kindly given this book for my honest review but all opinions are my own.


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