Not Quite Snow White

Tameika loves being on center stage. There she can be anything, from a space cowgirl to a dinosaur, nothing is out of her range. One day her school is holding auditions for Snow White. She is excited to try out for the leading role, but then hears other children whispering about her. They say she is too tall, too chubby, and too brown to play Snow White. She becomes self-conscious and explains to her parents what happened when she gets home. With their encouragement, she returns the next day to prove that she is just right for the part!

This book touches on the topics very lightly which is perfect for young children or as an introduction to deeper discussion. I especially love to read this as a juxtaposition to Disney’s princess movies and books.

Add it to your bookshelf!

Author: Ashley Franklin

Illustrator:Ebony Glenn

Publisher:Harpercollins Publisher

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