David Jumps In

This is a story not only about fitting in but about being included. It centers around a young boy on his first day at a new school. He brings one of his favorite games, Elastic Skip, hoping to find others to play with him. At recess, he sees kids playing hopscotch, video games, and on swings and slides. The illustrations enhance the words as we see the boy standing alone in the vastness of the playground as others play all around him. He finally gets the courage to ask some kids if they want to play the game that he brought. They are intrigued and he explains how to play. From then on he never has to worry about finding friends!

I love how the boy was able to bring a new game that was special to him and share it with others, as well as, his classmates were excited to learn and be a part of it. 

Author: Alan Woo

Illustrator: Katty Maurey

Publisher: Kids Can Press

I was kindly given this book for my honest review but all opinions are my own.


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