Without Separation

Without Separation is the story of the trial of Roberto Alvarez v. the Board of Trustees of the Lemon Grove School District. Roberto Alvarez was a Mexican American child that was forced, along with other children of Mexican descent, to go to a segregated school rather than the one in his district. His case is one of the multiple court cases against school segregation, and in 1931 became the first successful one. It was also one of the cases that was used to determine school segregation was unconstitutional in the US in 1954.

In school we are often only taught about Brown v. The Board of Education, that is why I love reading books like this. They fill the missing pieces. Fights for justice are never about one person doing something, they are cumulative efforts of numerous people throughout many years. Books like this give us a wider viewpoint and share the stories of all the hidden voices that worked to make change. 

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Author:Larry Dane Brimmer

Illustrator:Maya Gonzalez

Publisher: Astra Publishing house

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