There are books that come along that leave you speechless. This is that book. It is about war, all war. It perfectly personifies it as a shadowy creature leaving chaos, destruction, and silence in its wake. The book’s limited use of words paired with simplistic dark pictures allow the reader to fill in the specifics with their own imagination which make it even more powerful. In war there is no glory. There is no triumph. There is no happiness. I think we often dissociate these feelings from war when we think about it. We hear it’s glories and “successes” and tend to forget the devastating impact it has on everyone. This book brings us back to reality. And, maybe if those that create and support war realized that there would be less of it. War is listed for ages 9-12 and I think that is appropriate. Despite having the structure of a kid’s picture book, it is deep and tackles a hard topic.

Add it to your bookshelf!

Author: Jose Jorge Letria

Illustrator: Andre Letria

Publisher: Greystone Books

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