Palm Trees At the North Pole

This is a substantial book. It is written in a conversational language with jokes that break up the science but I would still consider it a textbook on climate change. It includes a vast amount of information about climate change in general, human-made climate change, and how the Earth and life on it are being impacted. I have two science degrees and thought that it was explained well and would recommend it for the 8-12 age group leaning closer to the 12. It starts by sharing the history of the Earth and the changes it went through before humans came into existence. I enjoy this broad perspective. It shows you that the Earth is constantly changing and will continue to do so even if we are not here. This book breaks down tons of information on weather, climate, regions, animals, plants, etc, and how different things are being altered. Types of sustainable energy are listed at the end and it is full of colorful illustrations. Overall, it did not focus too much on specific people that are having to deal with the impacts now and my only wish is if they talked more about climate justice and how climate change impacts humans differently based on things like race and class. 

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Author: Marc ter Horst

Illustrator: Wendy Panders

Publisher: Kids – Greystone Books Ltd.

I was kindly given this book for my honest review but all opinions are my own. 

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