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A beautiful book with a wonderful message!

Who Do I See in the Mirror?

Who Do I See in the Mirror? by Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu is a beautifully illustrated book that empowers children to love all of the traits that makes them who they are.  The author was inspired to write the book while teaching her own daughter self-love and confidence. Now she brings that to others. The story’s main character is a little girl who looks in the mirror and sees all of the things that make her unique, like her “thick curly hair” and “strong brown legs.”  She says she loves them, but also keeps repeating that she is “much more.” After going through all of her body parts, she states that although those are special what really matters most is her “good heart and curious mind.”

I love how Vese inspires children to explore themselves and identify what makes them special.  This book imparts confidence and is full of words like: love, special, and beautiful. In addition, the beautifully illustrated pictures encourage children to be outside, play, spend time with family, and explore nature.  All of these things are critical for a child’s healthy development. It was also refreshing to see a diverse main character, as this is lacking in many children’s books.

My children enjoyed pointing to all of their body parts as we read the book together.  They were tickled that the little girl had similar body traits and likes as them. And, they promptly showed me how they loved to dance too!

The author is passionate about her work, and has built a cause behind her brand Philly and Friends.  With every book that is bought, a book is given to a child in Africa.

I look forward to future Philly and Friends books and products!

Thank you, Vese, for this lovely book!

Author: Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu

Illustrator: Irene Omiunu

Website: https://phillyandfriends.com/

Buy it here: Amazon link

*I was given this book, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.


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