Why Raising A Legacy?

RAL Family

When I became pregnant with our first child my husband asked me a question I will never forget.  He said, 

“When you are filling out those forms that ask the race of the baby what one will you choose?”

I said, “White, of course.”  Even though I didn’t know much about race at the time, I knew I never wanted my child to be considered anything except white, and have to go through all the things that come along with that.

“Wrong answer,” he said.

See, (and it took me a while to really understand this) the question was really not what I would choose, it was what is society going to choose. That answer would be black.  Not white, because that is what the child identifies with. Not white, because their dad is biracial and their mom is white, so percentage-wise they are more white than anything else.  Not biracial, because they have a black dad and white mom.

“No, dear, the answer is black.”

Racist comments towards my children started coming as soon as I became pregnant.  To combat this, I began a self-initiated crash course. I needed to learn what these comments were from and why they were coming.  I also needed to know how I was going to teach a child things that I was never taught, and was still learning myself. I spent the first years of my children’s life reading and listening to other’s stories that up until this point I never knew existed. 

When my oldest was 6, I started Raising A Legacy after people started asking me advice on ways to teach and homeschool their children.  RAL combines my love for education with my love for learning and teaching inclusivity. I believe that by teaching young children about cultures and traditions they normally wouldn’t learn about you are setting the groundwork for a lifelong discussion of harder to discuss topics such as racism and white privilege.

I have come to realize over the years that having an inclusive mindset is not a destination, but a journey.  I am still learning every day. My goal is for us to all learn, grow, and empower each other together.

Thank you for being here with me.