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Monthly Social Studies Units By Read Like a Rockstar and Education With an Apron


These Social Studies monthly units are put together by two educators that have a passion for teaching and social justice. Their goal is to build “compassionate, informed, and empathetic citizens” of the world. The Monthly Units each cover the subjects of sociology, economics, geography, civics, and history for grades K-3, and contain a wide variety of resources. They include informational powerpoints, vocabulary words, writing prompts, crafts, a printable student notebook with differentiated writing and reading passages that pair with the lessons, and more. There are multiple topics each month that they go over that are often related to the month like holidays or events around the world. There is an option to purchase each month separately or together as a bundle. The bundle also includes some of their other social studies units. Some of the topics throughout the year include: importing and exporting, addresses, the Bill of Rights, Irish American History, daylight savings, congress, seasonal jobs, branches of government, Christa McAuliffe, Wilma Rudolph, white elephant gifts, and much more!

What it comes with:

These are all digital downloads.
Note: What is pictured is only a small portion of one month’s resources.


These units are gems! Not all history should be unrelatable and boring with facts and dates. I think that is the greatest strength of this curriculum. It takes common topics and presents new information then infuses it with culture and social justice. With each monthly theme not only are my children learning, but I am learning and widening my viewpoints as well. The informational slides give you exactly what you need to say and provide you with all the information that you need to do the lessons. They are each paired with a hands-on craft and reading/writing prompt. In addition, the creators believe that children can be taught anything, including and most importantly “hard topics”. They are presented throughout the lessons in an appropriate way and pair with the joyful parts of history. These provide a wonderful base of social studies knowledge for young children and give you enough activities for the entire month. I also want to bring attention to the subject of economics. Very rarely is financial literacy included in children’s curriculums and this is a huge bonus. I use this curriculum primarily for first grade, but all my children love being able to do it together. This is the only curriculum I use that I don’t have to supplement anything for. It is very well-rounded and crafted with the conscious educator in mind.


  • Very few social studies curriculums have this level of cultural and social justice studies nor integration of social studies topics
  • The powerpoints are written with everything you need to say making it easy to teach topics that you don’t know much about and in an age-appropriate way
  • Social justice issues are balanced with joyful parts of history
  • There is enough material to use for the whole month
  • Contains financial literacy
  • Can be used for a wide age range of children


  • These are meant to be used in a classroom setting, so there are minor things that you might need to adjust.
  • The crafts are all simple cutting and gluing ideas.
  • Since these are written for the traditional school setting they don’t have the months of June and July


Monthly Social Studies Bundle by Read Like a Rock Star | TpT (

Social Studies for the YEAR! by Education With an Apron | TpT (

*They have many other social studies units that are set up very similar and include the same type of information so I won’t be doing a separate review on them, but they are also highly recommended.

I purchased this product and all opinions are my own.