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Identity: the many pieces that make up who you are. This can include things like culture, religion, likes and dislikes, beliefs, and feelings.

Reading for the adult(s):

What is Identity Development? – Highs and Lows (

British Red Cross teaching resources: Identity and belonging

Teaching Strategy: Identity Charts | Facing History

Recommended Books about Identity: Raising A Legacy Bookshop 

For the family: 

Identity Explained for Kids

Activities for Children:

  1. Make an Identity Mobile. Cut out the letters in your name out of colored paper. You can also make multiple copies of each letter depending on how big you want it. On each letter add something that makes up your identity. This can be things like your culture, religion, likes and dislikes, physical characteristics, beliefs, etc. When you are complete create a mobile out of the letters, as shown in the picture, and hang up.
  2. Describe the identity of a character in your favorite book. Compare similarities and differences between your identity and theirs.
  3. Research ways people are discriminated against because of their identity.
  4. Pick one of the ways people are discriminated against from that last question. Discuss it further. What would this discrimination look like? What are some things you could do to speak up against it or prevent it from happening?

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