Amelia to Zora

Amelia to Zora is full of twenty-six inspiring biographies of women around the world in alphabetical order, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each woman has a page dedicated to them with a bio, beautiful picture, and one of their quotes. It tells powerful stories and adding quotes is the perfect touch to complete each page. The illustrations are collages that show the women doing what they are known for. The author chose to pick contemporary women to make them more relatable to children and half of them were alive at the time of publication. And, she alphabetized the names by their first name, because family names are often from the male side of the family. I think her choice to do this seemingly simple thing is powerful and demonstrates how women should be viewed. This is a beautiful book detailing strong women and is a great addition to any book collection.

To pair with the book we practiced putting the names of the women featured in alphabetical order!

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Author: Cynthia Chin-Lee, Author and Speaker

Illustrator: Megan Halsey: Home ( and Sean Addy

Publisher: Charlesbridge

I was kindly given this book for my honest review but all opinions are my own.

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