Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna

This is a beautiful book. I spent the week reading it to my daughter and it’s the perfect story to start Hispanic Heritage Month, bring in the discussion of what is happening at the border, and to show the determination and strength of an ordinary girl fighting for her family. It combines history and culture, and effortlessly makes it relatable to the reader at the same time. Barefoot Dreams are dreams that are too big for one’s place in life. This theme plays into the hardships faced and the low chance of survival of the characters. It takes place during the Mexican Revolution and the main character, 12 year old Petra, is forced to flee her home while caring for her younger sister, infant brother, and grandmother as they traverse the hot desert and make their way to the border. Petra has made a promise to her father to keep her family safe and you can feel her determination throughout. She battles impending attacks, finding food, sickness, and continuing to remain strong for her family despite being unsure if she is making the right choices. This book leaves the reader with feelings of hope and strength for the future while sharing history that is still important today. I also love how it features strong women, including a captain, fighting for the Revolucionarios, who befriends Petra. Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna is based on the similar experience of the author’s great-grandmother who fled to the US when she was young. You can feel the connection the author has to the story with the infusion of culture and how well written it is.

Add it to your bookshelf!

Author:Alda P. Dobbs

Publisher: Source Books

I was kindly given this book for my honest review but all opinions are my own. 

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