my red hat book

My Red Hat

On the surface, this lovely story is about a red hat given to a granddaughter by her grandfather. On a deeper level, it is about being given a gift of imagination, possibility, warmth, and home. I love the symbolism the hat represents and the hidden meaning shared. Throughout the story, the hat transforms into things like a dog bowl, a holder of dreams and secrets, and protection from the stormy and sunny weather. Each one demonstrating the versatility and different functions of the hat. This book has few words but the illustrations capture the story. They are beautifully drawn and highlight the vividness of the red in the hat and the surroundings showing how this special gift permeates the world.

To pair with the book we did a simple hat craft!

Author and Illustrator: Rachel Stubbs (

Publisher: Candlewick Press – Welcome

I was kindly given this book for my honest review but all opinions are my own.


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