Dusk Explorers
A Book Review of "Dusk Explorers" an ode to the evenings of summer! Full of summer activities, like catching fireflies and climbing trees. Bonus: 3 crafts to go with the book!

Dusk Explorers

“Calling all leapfroggers and tag competitors!” Dusk Explorers is an ode to the evenings of summer. It is written in poetic form and each page is full of summer activities, like catching fireflies and climbing trees. It transports the reader back to the moments when the sun is setting and the air is finally cooling off from the heat of the day. It is in these moments that you try to sneak in all the extra minutes of play you can get. This book is masterly illustrated and each page is full of the colors of the sunset. It starts with light blue and yellow and progresses to dark purple and red as it gets closer to night.

As an adult, this story is nostalgic to summers growing up. I love how it promotes outdoor and imaginative play, and encourages children to “run free outdoors” and be “dusk explorers!” I can only hope my own children continue to enjoy summers in this way.

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Ages: 4-8

Author: Lindsay Leslie

Illustrator: Ellen Rooney

Publisher: Page Street Publishing Co. 

I was kindly given this book for my honest review, but all opinions are my own.

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night sky art

Night Sky



Star stickers

Black paper



Make an evening skyline with the supplies listed!



Toilet paper roll

Black paper

Yellow tissue paper

Mod Podge©

Small cup

Flameless tealight

Black pipe cleaners x 2

Craft eyes x 2

Glue gun


  1. Cover a toilet paper roll with black paper.
  2. Use Mod Podge© to attach the yellow tissue paper to the cup and glue the cup to the toilet paper roll.
  3. Add wings and antennae with the pipe cleaners.
  4. Glue on eyes.
  5. Turn the light on and put it inside the cup. I used tape to keep the light in place, but also to make it easily removable.
paper worm

Worm Puppet


Brown paper

Craft sticks x 2

  1. Cut out a worm shape from the brown paper.
  2. Fold the paper like an accordion.
  3. Glue the craft sticks to each end of the paper.
  4. Use the craft sticks to move your worm forward.
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