What caught my attention was that this is something I can listen to with all of my children.

Dorktales Storytime Podcast

Dorktales Storytime Podcast is a new podcast created by actor Jonathan Cormur. Dorktales takes well-known fairy tales and turns them into comical stories that are entertaining for young children and adults. Each episode provides a refreshing and enjoyable twist to the plot. What caught my attention was that this is something I can listen to with all of my children. The episodes are short enough (between 10-20 minutes) to keep the attention span of my three-year-old and also engaging enough for my older children and myself. I enjoy how each episode provides hidden educational content. For example, it takes time to explain different meanings of words and phrases, like being quick in regards to being fast or quick as in smart. Jonathan is brilliant with his wide range of character voices and brings each story to life. In addition to the fairy tales, they offer Hidden Heroes of History podcasts. These are stories about heroic STEAMers and Dreamers, which are people in science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and human rights. The first two hidden heroes were Louis Armstrong and Mary Golda Ross. I appreciate how there is a diverse range of individuals included and I love how the stories are written to make heroism feel attainable for children. After talking about Louis Armstrong’s role and commitment to his neighborhood, it stated that there are hidden heroes all around us. It made a point to note that you don’t have to have nationwide recognition to be a hero. Additional information about each individual is also available on the website. I am excited to add this delightful podcast to our homeschool!

Check out the Dorktales Storytime Podcast here!

I was given an opportunity to listen to this podcast for my honest review.


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